Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Tiffany Alexander
Patricia Hubel
June, 10, 2010

Everyone had to deal with different kinds of health issues. Some of us have diabetes, while others have high blood pressure. Most of us do not even know we have health issues until something happens where it is brought to our attention. I have taken a long look at my heath and I have realized that I have a health issue of my own. Since having my three beautiful children, I have put on a little bit of weight. I am about 30 pounds overweight and that is my health issue.
My plan is a very simple one. I find that if you make a plan to be health and lose weight too complicated, it can be very discouraging and those are often hard to stick to. The first part of my plan deals with the amount of food and sweets I take in every day. They are a big part of my problem. The next part deals with exercise I plan to use to start losing weight and the last part deals with vitamins. In the next few paragraphs I will break down the various parts of my plan to explain them better.
Everyone knows that food and sweets are a big part of health issues. Most people do not have time to eat healthy and most just decide to stop at a fast food restaurant and eat whatever is on the menu no matter how unhealthy it is for them. I have a problem with that also. I have three children and sometimes I am just too tired to cook. I have realized over the course of these last nine weeks that eating all that fast food is part of the reason I am over weight. Even though I might be tired, I need to make my meals at home for my sake and my for the sake of my children. So, as part of my plan, I intend to cut the amount of sweets I eat in half. I will only let myself eat sweets twice a week. I know that if I tried to cut sweets out altogether, I would fail. Besides, everyone deserves a reward of a job well done. This is the first part of my food plan.
The second part of my plan dealing with food has...