Exercise Planning Guide

Exercise Planning Guide


This checklist is intended to assist planners to design and execute exercises and programs for their members and constituent groups. Each group has unique needs, and therefore, will produce a unique exercise; but, the tips, considerations, advice, and questions below are intended to be a reasonably comprehensive approach to bringing a quality program to fruition. The purpose of these programs is to promote the sharing of information, provide valuable education to the local community, and further the objectives of the host organization.

Stage One: Initial Planning

  1. Establish a program committee or group

        a. Choose people based on their skill sets, availability, and track record of “getting things done”.

  2. Set an Initial meeting

        a. Choose to host this meeting in person, online, or both.

        b. Decide if there is the desire, interest, and volunteers to move forward.

        c. Determine a time, which is acceptable to all, to establish regular meetings.

  3. Early meetings need to focus on:

        a. What you want to accomplish (Objectives)

              i. Where are the needs of your constituent groups?

            ii. Identify gaps in current education and communication.

            iii. Consider what products you will be producing post-exercise and how they serve the objectives of your organization.

            iv. Formulate clear objectives (i.e., “the program will deliver cutting-edge information on the threat posed by . . . “).

        b. Whom you want to reach (Audience)

              i. What sectors, participants, organizations, and businesses benefit most from the program and its objectives? (Consider large business, small business, government, education, and private citizens.)

            ii. What geographical range will your program cover? (Consider local, regional, state, multi-state and the ramifications of this choice; i.e....