Personal Statement

Nursing is a very demanding and challenging career that requires constant personal and professional development, which is the major spur for me choosing this programme.   I have had this desire to study at Anglia Ruskin University, which happens to be one of the fastest growing leading¬†Universities in the United Kingdom ever since I attended a free public health seminar organized here in Lagos, Nigeria early this year.   This has been a dream for me, with her highly rated human and material resource base, cultural diversity, student support and state of the art facilities, which are most crucial to career development and fulfillment. All this makes learning very easy and conducive especially for foreigners.
As an individual whose interest is to get to the peak of my career, getting equipped with sound professional knowledge and skills, working and learnng in a environment that is mind challenging and being under the tutelage of academicians, clinical instructors and professionals with vast experience in health care will enhance my professional ability in proffering solutions to health care challenges and problems for both the well and the sick and also participate in researches that will improve health care practices at international level and I believe all this opportunities are provided at ARU.
Moreover, my ambition is to become a world class resource person in both Nursing and Public Health, as most health problems and challenges can significantly be prevented through continuous conduction of researches and implementation of findings cum recommendations that will improve community public health practices in a developing nation like Nigeria and in our ever changing and developing world towards ensuring good Public Health safety in the world.
Unequivocally, with the interplay of various factors designed at Anglia Ruskin University, studying there will transform my dreams and aspirations into reality and I am very enthusiastic about starting...