Personal Statement

Perhaps the field of Management and Human-Resources is unethical from the core of its very foundation. For in its most primal form, it is the exercise of deception; letting people believe, as has been ingrained into their minds from the very earliest stages of childhood, that the Universe does, indeed, revolve around them. It is the existentialist’s worst nightmare.

Yet it is a talent which has been discovered, incubated and expediently matured within me over the course of my lifetime. It is this talent which the various staff and student bodies have recognized in me in my appointments as School Prefect, Head of Technical Department in our school festival, Vivum, and Co-Chairman of the Business-at-School Club.

I firmly believe in simple, logical solutions to even the most complicated problems, a view which I find essential in combating current and topical issues among the corporate world and the economy. The creativity and deductive abilities necessary for this, I have derived from a wide and diverse array of extra-curricular activities including Disc Jockeying, Squash and Swimming.

In addition to this, I have amassed a plethora of practical experience from my participation in the Confederation of Indian Industries meet held at Ahmedabad where I not only gleaned the intricate functioning of corporate management but also experienced the subtleties of interdepartmental interactions. My internship at Citibank, where I received an internal view of an independent workstation aided by my avid following of popular business magazines, internet articles, biographies and news clippings helped me excavate my management skills even deeper.

When I look at the corporate bodies around me, I see thinly veiled chaos. This is not, however, due to the greed and selfishness which modern business ethics condemn, but due to an inherent lack of planning, organization and transparency. I aspire to create environments where every individual is well aware of his function in a...