Personal Statement Unit 22

Personal Statement Unit 22.1

22.1   PCA Make sure   you read, comply and have up to date information on your Health and Safety records for your workplace.

I have photocopied the company’s current Health and Safety procedures. They include breaches of security, illness, accidents, fires and other reasons that may lead to evacuation of the premises. The procedures are followed by people in the workplace and also get updated when needed. I have read the policy and understand the various procedures.

22.1 PCB Make sure the procedures are being followed and report any that are not to the relevant person.

Upon noticing that some employers were without or not using safety goggles while using machinery, it was noted that this is against procedure as damage to the eyes or indeed loss of sight could occur. A memo to the manager was made to inform him the company’s Health and Safety procedures weren’t being carried out.

22.1 PCC Identify and correct any hazards that you can rectify safely, competently and within limits of authority.

The company’s Health and Safety policy states that they will provide a safe working environment for all employers. The manager received a second memo stating this. Following this, all employers have now been issued with safety goggles and warning signs have been placed next to all machinery that requires users to wear them.

22.1 PCD Promptly and accurately report any hazards that you are not allowed to deal with to the relevant person and warn other people who my be affected.

Upon noticing unusual sparks coming from a machine, a memo to the manager was urgently needed as regular employers are not qualified to deal with this type of hazard. Without touching the said machine, a warning notice was made and placed on it, to warn other employers of the dangers.

22.1 PCE Follow your organisations emergency procedures promptly, calmly and efficiently.

In the event of an illness or an emergency,   I would display my...