Personal Statement

Scholarship Essay
My Dad has been the biggest influence in my life thus far. He has always been my support system and the person I always look to for advice. My family has had a huge impact on the person I am today; through highs and lows, my family has been right by my side.
My Dad has always told me to "reach for the furthest star, no matter how far out of reach it may be." I have always doubted myself in what I can do, and if I don't do something as well as he expected me to, then he lets me know "You can do better than that." He wants me to have the best and live more comfortably when I have a family of my own than we do right now. He grew up in a rough household with his Mom divorcing an abusive Dad, being raised by a single parent, then having a stranger become his Stepdad. However, having his Stepdad in his life made him strive to become successful. My Dad does for me as his Stepfather did for him. He has always expected the best from me--as his Stepdad did for him--and it has made me become the driven person I am today and allowed me to follow my dreams.
My cousin lives in San Diego and is a Nurse who is currently getting her Master's degree. She has had a huge impact on directing me towards the Medical field as a career. She would always tell me stories about her days at work and I would always be intrigued by what she was telling me; which is why she let me know that a career as a Pediatric Registered Nurse was a smart path to venture along. I have always known that I have a very "motherly" way of looking at things and every bone in my body is a nurturing one, so she figured I would love to help people as my everyday career and enjoy going to work.
My Dad and cousin have both greatly impacted the person I am today. My Dad has been my support system and driving force since the beginning, while my cousin has been the person to help me discover what would be best for me in the future.