Personalit Reflection

Personality Reflection
There are thousands of cultures in this world that people are brought from generation to generation. Every person in this planet comes in different sizes and shapes, but people are unique because they have many similarities that make one kind but what makes people different from one to another are the personalities.

I would define personality as a way a person shows its identity of whom he or she is. Every personality is a special quality of being a unique person and not the same as everyone else. People are different because some are caring, ambitious, honest, dedicated, loyal, and some are other ways. This is how I would define personality from my point of view because it makes us different from one another but at the same time we are the same kind.

The first key personalities that would define are caring. When my family and close friends are in need of help, I am always there to help them with whatever help they need. The second personality that defines me would be loyal. I am a very honest person to my family and close friends. I am that type of person who is always with the truth with my close ones. The reason I am very honest is that I have gained much of respect from my family and friends, and they know that they can count on me at any time.   The third personality that also defines me is friendly. I am a very friendly person because I am not shy and I like meeting new people because they can   know different kinds of people and his or her personality and that is how I choose my good friends.

My family views me differently than I view myself. The main reason is that they think I am too kind and too friendly, as soon as make a new friendship I joke around with them and I am offering my assistance with any help they may need. When doing this I become very comfortable with the people I meet.

I find that my personality is very consistent because I don’t feel like a stranger when I am meeting new people. I tend to get involve and...