Personal Narrative

The year that changed my life

Within the time span of a year, my life made a complete turnaround. I went from having my entire future planned out to having to make the decision to receive my GED and give up my dreams of going to a university. The importance of going to a big university had been instilled in me from a young age. I had always excelled in all my classes, and getting good grades had become second nature to me. However due to financial issues, the summer before my senior year my father told my sister and I that we would be attending an online school instead of going back to our old high school. It was with that decision that my future would change.
Two months into my first semester of senior year, I found myself struggling to stay on top of my schoolwork. I had been placed in all honors and AP courses, and the overwhelming workload had taken me completely by surprise.   I had underestimated how much work was required to keep my grades up while also trying to prioritize my college applications. I found myself quickly falling behind in my schoolwork, but I reassured myself that it would be worth it once I received my acceptance letter. A few weeks later, however, I found out that I had been deferred from UCF, and that they were requesting the first semester grades of my senior year. Although I was already very behind, getting deferred was my motivation to try and complete all my work in time. I knew that it was almost
                        Danan 2
physically and mentally impossible, but I could not give up my dreams of going to a university so easily. I worked tirelessly for a month and a half, but with every assignment I finished, three more would fill its place. I had already fallen too far behind, and with no one around who could help me, I felt myself falling through the cracks and quickly losing hope.

With the end of the semester quickly approaching and my work nowhere near completed, I could not escape the fact that without...