Personal Narrative

Narrative:   How Basketball Has Influenced My Life

The magnificent game of basketball has been around since the start of the 20th century, and has shaped my life and character, from my first basketball game to present day. This sport has developed my character by installing a better sense and understanding of how to compete, communicate, make friends, and be much more ambitious. Every aspect of the game has contributed greatly towards this installation through pick up games, recreational games, school teams, and being such an elaborate and consistent fan of the NBA and the Houston Rockets. Above all, I believe that the game of basketball has allowed me to lead and rise above any obstacle that I am required to overcome during my lifetime.

I was young and excited, although uncertain to finally have a chance to attend my first Houston Rockets basketball game at the Toyota Center, downtown Houston. This event was certainly responsible for the awakening of my first love and passion for the sport. I still remember my dad coming home one late night with a white envelope in his left hand, hoping not to become disappointed with an invitation to my nephews 5th birthday party. As I leaned over trying to peak inside, my father pulled his hand away from me to ask, “Rodman, do you want to come with me tomorrow night to watch the Rockets?” I was in complete shock and couldn’t give my father an immediate response. My father knew that if I didn’t say anything it was because I was probably too excited to speak. The game inspired me in such a tremendous way that from that day on, my life was all about basketball.

Being a part of the basketball clique my whole life has helped me to learn the intrapersonal and social communication skills that are associated with basketball that I still use today. As a child, playing basketball was both my favorite activity and hobby. At the age of ten, I found myself playing basketball every afternoon with my older brother Sam until our legs...