Personal Objective Narrative Description

Name:   Brooke Edwards

Personal Object Narrative Description

By completing this assignment you will:
    • write a narrative that examines the personal significance of an object
    • use sensory details to describe an object of personal value
    • connect explicitly the narrative to the object’s worth—tell us Why Do We Care
    • demonstrate an understanding of the different types of values

A personal description examines a subject that the writer find meaningful.   That subject should be a valuable object that is small enough to be held in your arms and not be alive (no cars, no pets).   Write a personal description is like making a multi-sensory film.   Begin by setting the scene, where the object is found.   You want readers to sense the object vividly—all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures that make this subject come alive.   Second, tell the story of the object; either its acquisition or when it became meaningful.   In order to do this, you want to select and develop details that create a dominant impression of the subject.   To conclude, bring our attention back to the object, highlighting how that object has worth for you.   This worth, value, or meaning is your Why Do We Care.

Developing your description can be a rich experience.   Because the writing process will press you to examine the subject closely, you’ll learn something valuable about your connection with it.   Your goal is to describe that object so completely and richly that the reader can see, touch, smell, feel, and experience both your object and its significance to you.

ASSIGNMENT:   You will write a personal narrative that describe an object.   You will also tell a story about your object; from how it was received to how it acquired meaning.   Finally, you must include a discussion of the object’s worth.   Why is it valuable and what kind of value does it hold?   In class we brainstormed many kind of value—both intrinsic and extrinsic—and the more kinds you can...