Personal Essay

Love is more significant than intelligence. People with learning disabilities can also make good parents. To be a good parent does not mean that you have to have good learning abilities. A good parent is someone who is s compassionate, patient, and has good morals. One may have learning disabilities but it does not influence their ability to love.

One of the qualities that make a good parent is compassion. Compassion is the act of showing kindness, thoughtfulness, and eagerness to help others. In the film I am Sam, Sam Dawson shows great sympathy towards others, for instance his lawyer Rita Harrison, he helps her realize how much she loves her son and the importance of a family. He encourages her to spend time with her son and divorce her dishonest husband. When a parent shows compassion there IQ level is not relevant to being a good parent. For instance, in the court Dr. Donovan who is on stand speaks about how her mother had IQ level in the lower ranges, however had great instincts. As stated by Rita to Dr. Donovan “So your mother, this woman with the IQ of a nine-year old had the wisdom to recognize that you would be a great doctor.   I guess her disability didn't seem to hold you back in life.” Dr. Donovan responds by saying “No.   My mother's condition taught me what they can't teach you, compassion and patience.” The meaning of this quotation is that a parent learning abilities are not significant to being a good parent and raising a successful child. Parents with learning difficulties can also be good parents, and have real responsibilities. A good parent should be compassionate, but should also have tolerance.

Patience is the ability of a person to be calm, enduring, and understanding in a difficult situation. It is important to have high tolerance when you are a parent. When a parent does not have patience their child will show bitterness, hatred or disobedience towards their parent. For instance, Rita Harrison’s son does not listen to her due to...