Personal Essay

Helen Cheng is one of the students majoring in Computer Science and Technology in Hefei University of Technology. He went to Georgia Southwestern State University on August 16, 2010 to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and came back to China on December 10, 2012. He is applying for several master programs of US graduate schools.

  Looking back at my two-year experience of studying abroad, I am so grateful in that I have matured as an adult in such a short period of time. The life there during this period of time was simple but colorful and challenging. It was a great opportunity not only to learn different things at school but also to grow up and take responsibilities for all your life. Hereby I will walk through some of my most important experiences with you, and I hope all the suggestions from my own experience will be helpful to those who will or have decided to get into the 1+2+1 program.
  First of all, choosing the right school for yourself is never easy. You need to consider many aspects such as location, weather, school ranking and magnitude of the school. Each one of them is very important to some students depending on what they value most. Before you make you choice, figure out what you really want for your next two years of study and what is your goal for all this. Never just read the brochure only because you will never find any detailed information about the schools you’re looking at. My suggestion is that you take some time to read the school website and contact any former 1+2+1 students, if any, to get their opinions about their school and details about the professors and so on. After that, all left is just to make your own decision. If you rarely do, learn how to do it now. That is something you’d expect to confront all the time in the near future.
  Going to the United States for the first time was such an excitement for me. I looked out of the window to see what Atlanta was like from the airplane, and once I landed, I...