Personal Essay

It is now 9:02 am on a bright November morning when the walls of an Indian hospital are struck by the high pitched cry of a newborn baby boy. I am enclosed within the room for the night unaware of the mysteries this world holds for me as I sleep in pin-drop silence. Beneath these closed eyelids lies a quiet soul ready to ponder the various characteristics of life. It is now the morning as the bright sun shines down on my face through a four quadrant window.   I am a teenager seeking the onerous ways to turn my past into a successful future and recognizing the past is the first step.
Time is known to fly when life really intensifies into an active state. I remember my first soccer game at Just for Kicks Soccer Academy. Every time I touch the ball, the atmosphere fills with the roaring sound of the spectators cheering me on.   After years of practice and countless repetition of certain skills, my offensive game is furnished and helps me make end time plays that ensure numerous wins. A wide smile runs across the face of my teammates as I am carried off the field on the shoulders of many after a 90’ goal during our semifinal match against King City. It is nearly impossible for me to describe this feeling. The beautiful game helps me realize that hard work is the only route to success and becomes my greatest motivation.
Secondly, unlike my glorifying experiences in soccer, I also carry a glimpse of a terrifying memory from the year of 2008. It is 4:50 am on a quiet February morning when everybody in the house is sleeping and the phone rings with news of demise. This dreadful phone call from India carries the news of the passing of my grandfather from a heart attack. Despite having a solid body and mind, he is tormented by a severe heart attack which leaves him breathless within minutes. A cheerful personality and an ever-smiling face are lost in the blink of an eye. His absence forces me to evolve into a mature individual since I do not always receive a helping hand...