Personal Devotion

Extended Response
“Devotion makes present the sacred dimension within ordinary life. It is an outward expression of internal faith.”
With reference to the statement above, outline the influence of Christian personal devotion on the life of the adherent. (20 marks)

In accordance to the Living Religion, Third Edition, a personal devotion refers to the various types of religious observations, whether it is public or private. They are usually characterized by a strong attachment or affection towards a set of beliefs or principles. It is thought to house devotion, true faith and spirituality. The sacred dimension in the individual’s ordinary lives is highlighted by participating in various devotions. It allows their spiritual side to connect with their faiths and more importantly, God.
There are two different overlapped approaches to prayer and devotional practices. This includes: private and communal prayer/worship.
Private prayer or worship refers to adoration and reverence directed only towards God. This is also known as inward expression, which is privately acknowledging the believer’s faith. By inwardly conveying their faith, it provides a one-on-one connection with God and allows Him to become aware that they are willing to serve Him. One example of this put into action is going away on retreat, which is made for those who wish to settle their faith and answer any confusing thoughts they may possess. This allocates times away from their usually busy environment and enables the being to speak with God alone without the fear of interruption. It also gives room to expression adoration and reverence directed only towards God. Another example of this is private prayer. By praying privately, silently, or in solitude at various times, it brings believers into contact with the mysteries of faith and provides a tangible way in which these mysteries can be brought to life, giving an individual and communal meaning. It is this type of expression which is considered...