Sat Words

ABSTEMIOUS | adj (aab stee mee uhs) |done sparingly; consuming in moderation|
ACCEDE|verb (aak seed)|to express approval, to agree to|
ACCLIVITY|noun (uh klihv ih tee)|an incline or upward slope, the ascending side of a hill|
ACCRETION|noun (uh kree shuhn)|a growth in size, an increase in amount|
ACME|noun (aak mee)|the highest level or degree attainable|
ACTUATE|verb (aak choo ayt)|to put into motion, to activate; to motivate or influence to activity|
ACUITY|noun (uh k¥QQ ih tee)|sharp vision or perception characterized by the ability to resolve fine detail With unusual |
ACUMEN|noun (aak yuh muhn) (uh,kyoo muhn)|sharpness of insight, mind, and understanding; shrewd judgment |
ADAMANT|adj (aad uh muhnt) (aad uh mihnt)|stubbornly unyielding|
ADEPT|adj (uh dehpt)|extremely skilled|
ADJUDICATE|verb (uh iood ih kayt)|te hear and settle a m,atter; to act as a judge|
ADJ U RE|verb (uh jQQr)|to appeal to|
ADMONISH|verb (aad mahn ihsh)|to caution or warn gently in order to correct something|
ADROIT|adj (uh droyt)|skillful; accomplished; highly competent|
ADULATION|noun (gill juh lay shuhn)|excessive flattery or admiration|
AMORPHOUS|adj (~mohr fuhs)|having no definite form|
ANIMUS|noun (aan uh muhs)|a feeling of animosity or ill will|
ANODYNE|noun (aan uh dyen)|a source of comfort; a medicine that relieves pain|
ANOMALY|noun (uh nahm uh lee)|a deviation from the common rule, something that is difficult to classtfy|
ANTHROPOMORPHIC|adj (aan thruh poh mohr fihk)|suggesting, human characteristics for animals and inanimate things|
ANTIQUATED|adj (aan tih kway tihd)|too old to be fashionable or useful|
APHORISM|noun (aa fuhr ihz uhm)|a short statement of a principle|
APLOMB|noun (uh plahm) (uh pluhm)|self-confident assurance; poise|
APOSTATE|noun \00 pa"hs'tayf)|one who renounces a religious faith|
APPOSITE|adj (QQJ2 puh ziht)|strikingly appropriate or well adapted|
APPRISE|verb (uh priez)|to give notice to, inform|
APPROPRIATE|verb (uh proh pree...