Personal Development Level 3

Explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care.
Standards i.e.. the code of practice explain the way that we should be working, you can use them to think about the way you work and compare them to your own work and decide if you need to make any improvements. They enable us to gain professional development and provide a way to identify good practice.

How can Reflective Practice be used to continuously improve the quality of service provided within
your workplace?
Reflecting on your practice is important as it can help you to focus on what you have done well and identify areas you may need to improve i.e. It may make you consider new approaches or make you consider learning more or beginning new courses in relevant subjects. You can use reflective practice to improve the quality of the service you provide by thinking about a task you previously completed and asking yourself: What could have been done better? & how will I do that task next time?

What are the components of a Personal Development Plan
What do I want to be able to do or do better?

What methods will I use to achieve my learning objectives?

Success criteria
How will I recognize success? How will I review and measure my improvement?

Achievement date
When do I expect to achieve my objectives?

How will I practice and apply what I learn?

a) Describe how, in your own workplace, you are involved in agreeing to a personal development plan.
b) Who is involved in this with you?
c) How do you identify your strengths and areas for development
Personal development planning involves reflection; knowing the skills I have, the knowledge I have and what areas I need to improve on as well as what my strengths are and what I do well.
I then have to plan with my manager how I want to progress in my job, what areas I want training on, want to learn more about, need to improve on and develop. We discuss and agree this together so...