Personal and Professional Development

Unit M & L 9- Manage Personal and Professional Development
Personal Statement
Annual Appraisal

Appraisals is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. Appraisals are as much for the employee as that of the employers benefit.
The appraisal format and structure process depends on the nature of the business, however the basis process should consist of the employee having the opportunity to have a 1:1 with their line manager, and that a form is used as a tool to guide and document the discussion. At NWN Media appraisals are recommended to be conducted annually and depending on your role, one of the two standard template forms are to be used.
Company appraisal forms should cover the following areas:
  Objectives – Individuals should be reviewed against the objectives previously set
  Competence – Whether the individual is performing the role they are expected to do
  Development – What coaching, training and development has the individual received in the last year? What do they need in the future?
  Action Planning – What commitments have been made?
There are a number of benefits to an organisation conducting formal appraisals. There has been a general agreement that appraisals can lead to positive implications to the organisation. Appraisals act as a base of giving employees feedback about their job performance and from this it may spawn several potential benefits such as individual workers becoming more productive. Other benefits include the:
  facilitation of communication
  enhancement of employee focus through promoting trust
  goal setting and desired performance reinforcement
  performance improvement
  determination of training needs
Despite all the potential advantages of formal appraisals, there is also potential drawbacks.
  Subjective evaluations – appraisals are often based on a managers perceptions of an employee’s performance and employees are evaluated subjectively instead...