Performance Management


Performance Management on the State Government Level
Kimberly Maze
University of Phoenix

Performance Management
The office of human resources has become more than just the “employment office.” Over the last 60 years, the role of the human resource manager has changed to encompass many parts of the whole of the organization. The economic climate dictates the available men or women to fill a smaller job market. In an effort to keep good employees in a bad economy, human resource managers, department managers, and supervisors work together to assess the organization’s employees and make informed decisions concerning retaining, reprimanding or dismissing employees. “A tight labor market, a retiring workforce, and compliance concerns make talent management particularly challenging.” (Conrad, 2009) Employee evaluations or assessments are conducted by the department director or manager and are no longer a responsibility assumed by the human resource manager. Performance management is a vital tool, especially in the current economic climate, to determine where the exceptional employees are and cull the troublesome employees. Through a personal interview with the assistant Director, Stephen Andrews this paper will explore the process of employee evaluation in the Department of Environmental Health, Chatham County office.
The Department of Environmental Health encompasses a vast array of services including:   chemical hazards; provide public health assessments and health consultations; regular inspection of food service facilities; land use (on-site sewage); inspection of public swimming pools; reduce illnesses and injuries associated with unsanitary or hazardous conditions in Georgia’s tourist accommodations; and minimizing waterborne related illnesses related to contaminated well water at regulated facilities. (

Performance Measurement System
The Georgia Department of...