Performance Management for Landslide Limousines

Memo: Landslide Limousines Performance Management Plan

Amy Harris

Human Resource Management/531

April 25, 2016

Susan Freer

Atwood and Allen Consulting


To: Bradley Stonefield
From: Amy E. Harris
CC: Traci Goldeman
Date: 25-April-2016
Re: Landslide Limousines Performance Management Plan

The Performance Management Plan for Landslide Limousines should reflect the focus of providing first-class transportation. While providing first-class transportation, first-class customer service is also part of the performance management plan for all twenty-five employees. With an expected annual revenue of $50,000 and revenue growth of 5% per year as a goal meeting clients, first-class expectations to gain referrals and increase customer base is a must.   Hiring, training and retaining valuable employees will not only add to the overall success of Landslide Limousines but will keep employee turnover under 10%.
Alignment of the performance management framework for Landslide Limousines business strategy
The goal of first-class transportation is providing the best possible experience to clients.   The experience starts with the initial phone call to make an appointment, the pickup, the actual limousine ride and ends when the client is dropped off at the end of the trip.   Many facets are involved with creating first-class transportation.   It is critical that Vision and Mission statements are clear and precise and in line with objectives and strategies that meet the expectations of these statements.   After the desired goal is defined, critical success factors should be categorized and developed with specific written job requirements before recruitment and selection of new employees.   Upon training and orientation, employees should know the expectations and goals of Landslide Limousines.   A performance management plan will help employees reach goals for not only job performance but contribute to creating a successful first-class service.   This success...