Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan
Mr. Stonefield has come to our consulting firm and asked for us to develop a performance management framework for his new business venture, Landslide Limousines.   After careful consideration and taking into account the information received from Mr. Stonefield, the performance management framework will include information that helps him understand the tasks, roles, and information flow in the performance management process.   In order to make sure that the whole process is positive and effective, it is imperative that plan’s framework is aligned with the organizational business strategy first and foremost.   Therefore, having a defined organizational business strategy is the first step in creating the performance management framework.  
Performance Management Framework and Organizational Business Strategy
As stated earlier, it is important to align the performance management framework with the organizational business strategy to ensure a proper foundation is set for employee expectations and the success of the business.   In the University of Phoenix simulation (2013), Mr. Stonefield stated that he wants to provide first-class service transportation to his customers and anticipated -$50,000 in revenue, and a 10% turnover in the first year.   With this understanding Mr. Stonefield would want to set objectives for employees that center around positive objectives from the beginning to the end.   The only positive business strategy is to provide first-class service and everything else after that has a sort of negative connotation.   The company should at a minimum set it revenue goals to a positive break-even point for the first year.   Performance management should always be a positive tool and aligning the framework with a positive business strategy from the beginning sets high expectations.  
Organizational Performance Philosophy  
As a new company within a very competitive market, Mr. Stonefield’s philosophy should be centered on...