Perfect Position

Determining Your Perfect Position
Dr. Ethel Vesper

Determining Your Perfect Position

The purpose of this draft is to show the reader the importance of adding a Production Coordinator position to the Orange Texas sites management team. The author will explain how this position will be useful to the organization and the strengths and weaknesses associated with someone having a servant leadership style filling the position. The author will provide documentation and diagrams to strengthen the proposal for a new added management position.
Currently the Production Forman handles all decisions on how items are handled in the field. This consists of all production related scheduling in coordination with sales staff off site and warehouse inventory personnel. This position is also required to be at all corporate meetings with the Plant Manager, Human Resource manager, Safety Manger, and other top management personnel. With the increasing demand for quality and production standards this individual is being over extended in the current job description. This lack of focus on individual items and field oversight can lead to increased downtime due to equipment malfunction and miss-planning towards grades produced and repair schedules. The scheduling of department work items is essential to staying on time and on quality with regard to our customer. It is this author’s opinion that a new managerial position needs to be added reporting directly to the Production Foreman. This position titled the Production Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating maintenance scheduling and turnarounds while also scheduling monthly grade demands for operation employees to follow.   This added employee will make adequate scheduling across departments more accurate and dependable while allowing the Production Foreman the opportunity to meet his requirements to corporate meetings and events.

Diagram of Organizational Structure

The leadership and coordinating...