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Phillip Henderson Article Review

This article is based on what is the difference between older and younger adults with hypertension.   With the study called the ENIGMA study they were able to see if there is a difference with older and younger adults in association with hypertension.   Through out history doctors have associated hypertension with older adults but now more than ever younger people are having trouble with hypertension as well and this study is trying to find out if the history of young people age 17 to 27.   1008 young people were tested.   Peripheral and central blood pressure, aortic pulse wave velocity, cardiac output, stroke volume, and peripheral vascular resistance were tested.


The way that each patient was tested was each one of them had to do a full medical history and also and a questionnaire.   After this they were given 15 minutes to rest and the brachial and radial artery was tested.   Also after 20 minutes of supine rest (which is the patient lying on their back) the same brachial and radial artery were tested.   All these subjects were considered to be in good health and subjects with diabetes and cholesterol renal diseases or subject to any medications were excluded from this study.   They recorded the brachial Blood Pressure with the dominate arm using a validated oscillometric technique.   Each of the readings were done double some even triple times to ensure the difference of 5 % were compatible.   These test were ran on the radial artery as well.   Each of these test were given to each of the 1008 subjects.   They also tested catoroid   wave foms in each subjects.   These test were to detemin whether they had ISH which is the abbreviation for Isolated Systolic Hypertension.   This is what they were trying to find out if these subjects were suffering from this.   ISH is Therefore,
ISH is often considered to be an exaggeration of “normal” age-related stiffening of the arteries.   The hypothesis of the study was that the young...