Engineer in Society


For our project, we propose to discuss the ways in which an engineer, especially one that
is new comer to the field, can project him or herself as a responsible professional to the society without being guilty of violating Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct.

As an engineer, we are responsible and play an important role in developing our country. Our work stimulates the economic growth and development of the nation. We further improve the standards of living of mankind, widen the scope of civilization and manage natural resources.

The high impact of our work to the country not only acquire us to gain more knowledge and improve our skills, we also need to be dedicated, diligence, honest and efficient in doing our work. The society should recognize us by our skills in technical expertise in enhancing the human welfare.

These days, there is a lot of ethical problems occur. Some of them are bribery, unfair conduct, conflict of interest, corruption and fraud. These problems affect not only the society, but also the country. They caused lives and development of the country.
Statistics shows the solved cases involving various bribery cases

Statistic of bribery in Malaysia 2007
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