Evils in Society

Social evils can be defined as: Anything detrimental to a society or its citizens including terrorism, corruption, dishonesty, street crimes, bad ethics, immoral individual values and any evil that affects society. An evil is always there in a society, there could hardly be any community which could be careful as most virtuous. It is normally the loosening effect of law and order attached with falling apart of moral values in a society which results in the spread of social evils. These social evils can be defined in different subjects for instance, some might only be principled and some might relate to crime or it might violate certain established principles like respect of elders.
A society infested with such negative norms has depicted gradual befall, as happened in the French revolution of 1789 and several other incidences where revolution became a possibility.   In the smallest unit, social evil exists when a person's behavior causes harm to another. One should be responsible for one's own existence, while respecting the boundary of others.
In modern society, with special reference to Pakistan, it is important to note that a number of social evils have grappled our country in its iron claws, in additions, it seems impossible to get out of its tentacles.   Social evils like dowry system, child abuse, drug abuse are the main bane of the society. We, as a part of the society can take steps to prevent them and make the society a better place to live in.