Past Paper Discovery

Practise Paper ~ Trial HSC Paper 1

Text one – Prose fiction
a) Explain the problems experienced by the explorers in the extract.

The problems experienced by the explorers are lack of resources on the planet, which gives them a sense of insecurity. There can be a loss of human being if they don’t provide the sources they need to survive.

Text two – Photograph

b) How does the photographer use body position to convey positive feelings about travel?

As seen in Text two, advertising is all about body language signals because you have to position your brand and messaging into every phase of your advertising. Some crucial things about nonverbal conduct and advertising are to see how you can use body language to increase your effect and impact. The most significant technique used by photographers is “happy face” tactic. For example; If we see a confused or frustrated face in a visual ad, we tend to copy the face and therefore feel more confused or frustrated ourselves. This is called the Facial Feedback Hypothesis, where the face you make also makes you feel that emotion. Thus, this text is a good idea to use happy faces to convey positivity about travelling.

The position of the old couples as seen, very close and with a happy face effectively persuades the viewers. Usually in an advertisement there is a central focus, as in text two, the man is pointing at something with a happy smiling gesture which links to positiveness.   This is where a customer’s attention should ideally be. There is actually a non-verbal trick to getting the viewers to focus on the target.

Texts two and three – Photographs
c) Compare the ideas about discovery represented by both photographs.

The idea presented in text two is more professional and classy than text three. The background in text two is urban as the viewers can see the Eiffel Tower and the city lights. Another factor is that, there are more powerful poses in text two than three, as the man is hugging his...