Parenting: Gods Given Right

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Parenting: God’s Given Right
Ronda A. Wilson
DeVry University
ENGL 112
August 24, 2009
Parenting: God’s Given Right
This is not to say that this department is out of control at all times though. Quite the contrary, actually. While the issues listed above do seem as though they would be the driving force behind CPS, we must also keep in mind the whole purpose of this agency and the reasons for which it was originally established.
The California Department of Social Services began back in 1903 with a Board that consisted of six members. Their primary goal was to evaluate and report on hospitals and correctional facilities, including county and city jails. As time went on, the Board decided that they wanted to improve the welfare of children and adults. By 1908, improvments included removing children from orphanages to be placed into good homes, enforcing parents to pay child support, enforcing school attendance as a means of reducing juvenile crime, and enforcing child labor laws. Today, the mission of Social Services is to serve, aid, and protect needy, helpless children and adults who are at risk of being in danger(2007). The services provided by the Children and Family Services Department include the Safely Surrender Baby Campaign, Foster Care, Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program, Foster youth Help, Child Abuse Prevention, and Adoption services (2007).
In conclusion to these facts, it is most obvious that the need for an agency such as CPS is high. They have really gone out of their way to make themselves a neccessary piece of the puzzle. I feel that this agency has been given the leadway to do as they please, and it has gotten to the point that it is no longer the children that are the top priority, but the money that everybody recieves as a result of taking these children away from the parents who bore them and love them.
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