Parenting a Gods Given Right

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Parenting: God’s Given Right
Crystal M Ferguson
DeVry University
ENGL 112
August 24, 2009

Parenting: God’s Given Right
    Every day people engage in conversations about our government, specifically which programs seem to be working and which ones could use a good overhaul, with health care and welfare reform usually topping the charts. While both of these departments are in serious need of improvement, the one department that requires reform the most is Child Protective Services, otherwise known as CPS. Even though the programs and services provided by CPS were intended to protect children from abuse and neglect, it is near impossible, due to a corrupt and faulty system that is in desperate need of reconstruction.
The ways in which the CPS caseworkers often treat the parents is horrendous. They threaten the parents with losing their children permanently should the parents fail to comply completely with CPS demands (Schaefer, N. 2007). The families that make up the prime targets of losing their kids are low-income families because they do not have the money available to them to hire an attorney that is willing to fight the system. Just because you do not have a lot of money, does not mean you do not have the love for your child (Schaefer, N. 2007). Parents also face an injustice of the denial to exercise their Fifth Amendment – the right to face your accuser and the Sixth Amendment – the right to a fair trial (Martin,L.   2009). Parents cannot speak in the courtroom unless it is directly to their attorney; otherwise they could face the charges of Contempt of Court.
The corruption that takes place within the juvenile courthouse is also quite amazing and another reason why the CPS department needs to be rebuilt. An investigating caseworker can come out and remove your children from your home, often separating him from his or her siblings, just to be placed in a home with total strangers (Rafferty, P. 2008). So basically, anyone...