Composition II
Matt Alberhasky

Argument for the Right to Hold Organized Prayer in Schools
Families, these days, are becoming more and more religious; yet they cannot decide if organized prayers in school should actually be a part of the school day. The argument that has evolved around organized prayer in public schools has been prevalent over the past four decades. Beginning with the Engel vs. Vitale case in 1962 and carrying over with District of Abington Township vs. Schempp in 1963, organized prayer in public schools has been all but abolished by the United States government. Annie Laurie Gaylor in her writing of “The Case against School Prayer" gives many reasons why it is a good idea to support the removal of organized prayer from our nation's public schools. It is the natural right and God-given ability to be able to hold organized prayer in school and should be reinstated in the public schools of America today, because it would inject a new wave of strong morals in the commonwealth of America today.
The author, Gaylor, first makes it a point in her article to emphasize the idea that schools should be neutral on the stance of religion. The response to that is offered in this case is that the government needs to neutralize itself first before trying to neutralize the education system. The fact that the dollar bill emphasizes the point “IN GOD WE TRUST " already points the accusing finger of the hypocrisy of the government. This nation was founded on and has always stood on the grounds of religious morals. To take organized prayer out of the school system is ludicrous and needs to be rethought immediately. The fact that the point is brought up that organized prayer in schools in unconstitutional is completely wrong; In fact, nowhere in the Constitution does it mention the phrase “Separation of Church and State ". This is an interesting point since she makes it a point to emphasize the “constitutional" separation of church and state (The Case against...