Pakistan's Newest Career Buzzword

So what is the way out for the burgeoning class of graduates & post-graduates who are finding it ever-difficult to kick start careers in these days of recession? SUPPLY CHAIN rings a bell!

Supply chain-the newest career trend? Most of us have been increasingly made to hear more & more about supply chain management, or SCM, in short. Suddenly we are bombarded with newspaper ADs, online blogs & all that jazz, making it THE BUZZWORD these days.
So the question is, 'what is supply chain mgmt.?' Find out below.

Supply Chain is a term that was first coined in early 80s as a result of analysis done for the US apparel industry. It has been mainly derived from the concept of the age-old popular term, ‘logistics’, which involves entire process of moving goods & services from point of origin to the point of actual consumption, based on meeting the conditions required of the customer.
Supply Chain simply takes this concept one step further by delving into the minutest of details as to how & where can companies look for increasing their efficiency & cutting costs in the whole supply, manufacture & sales process.
It is this demand for ever-increasing productivity that is driving major companies around the world to go for qualified professionals to make possible ever-increasing margins of profitability in the age of uncertainty.
Pakistan, like other countries in the region, is waking up to the fact that Supply Chain offers a whole new world of opportunities as far as conducting business is concerned. Specially, in the backdrop of the extremely volatile law & order situation, along with the highly uncertain political landscape, it becomes all the more important that companies are able to stock the raw materials-in the right quantity, at the right price.
Supply Chain has come to Pakistan in a somewhat sober way, without all the excitement of the DOTCOM BOOM that had hit the local...