P3 Business

Carlsberg Malawi officially opened on 14th December 1968. Carlsberg Malawi brewery was the first Carlsberg brewery outside of Denmark, located in the heavy industry area of Makata. It is the only state-of-art brewery and beer packaging facility in Malawi. Carlsberg makes a profit from selling beer and soft drinks around the world. Carlsberg is a multinational company and global public limited company. (http://www.carlsberggroup.com/Markets/asia/Pages/Malawi.aspx)
Organisational structure: An Organizational structure determines how the roles, power and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between the different levels of management.

The main key purpose of the organisational structure is that   people know the line of command and control, the lines of communication, levels of responsibility and span of control.
Division of work:
Carlsberg can divide their employees into different sectors, this will help the employees understand their work and will also cause less confusion. The employees at Carlsberg must rotate into different sectors so that they don’t get tired of doing the same task over and over, as this will be a disadvantage towards Carlsberg, which will result in the workflow becoming less efficient.
Line of control and communication: at the top of the organisation there are the shareholders like the owners, then the board of directors and within the board of directors are the chief executive, and then the functional directors and then the department management, junior management and then supervisors and team leaders and lastly the operatives. For example, the human resource manager makes recruitment in selection and training and company procedures and staff welfare. Following are the benefits of functional structure towards the organisation:
  * High level of efficiency and productivity...