Business Ethics

Meaning and importance of ethics within the business world (P1)


The company Nike is basically consisted of within design, development and worldwide marketing of footwear, equipment, apparel and accessory products. The company sells its products to around 18,000 retail accounts within the United States and through a mix of distributors who are independent, also including licences, subsidiaries, in almost 200 countries. Nikes footwear products are developed and designed mainly for athletes although people just wear not only for athletics but wear them for casual or leisure purposes as well.

The products that Nike produces are aimed at all ages and genders (male, female, and children). The companies top selling product categories include:
• Basket ball
• Running
• Cross-training
• Children’s
• Women’s shoes

Nike also develops and designs their products for outdoor activities such as:
• Golf
• Tennis
• Baseball
• Soccer
• Bicycling
• Football
• Wrestling
• Volley ball
• Aquatic activities
• Cheerleading
• Hiking
Nikes main aim is to provide innovation and inspiration towards every athlete within the world. Nikes visions consist of providing full range of high quality, technologically and performance orientated athlete shoes and a good variety of accessories targeted to all individuals of all ages and in all supermarkets.

Within this task I will be looking at what ethical issues Nike may have to take in account and its operational activities.

What is business ethics?

An organisation that basically works’s in order to achieve their aims. An example is a public service organisation in which must deliver government and social services; for the benefit of a private business, it seeks profit. To help businesses achieve its aims and objectives, business managers within these organisations are paid to make the decisions. These decisions can be consisted of:
• Staff
• Location
• Products
• Marketing...