Outline Who Are the Winners and Losers in a Consumer Society .

For example , a young person with a low income could find it easier to fit in and be socially included in a consumer society rather than a person with disabilities or in a older age group on comparable income. The younger person will be more able to adapt to consumption as P2 they are likely to be more knowledgeable about it and are able to follow the trend . By having fashionable clothes, going to the right clubs, being fit and healthy and by having a large network with whom they can share similar experiences , they are more likely to be accepted by others . However an older person or a person with a disability will find it harder to be accepted , because they are less mobile and have to spend any income on basics provision such as food and bills. This means that they are social excluded and can be seen by the rest of society as some how failed members of society. So although income is the biggest determinant in deciding how effectively a person can consume and be a member of a consumer society, there are other reasons as well which have to be considered which explain why certain people are either âseducedâ or ârepressedâ.


Also the earth can not absorb the waste generated in a consumer society. It has been estimated that in 2008 global annual consumption amounted to 40 % more than the earthâs annual resource and re-absorptive capacity (Global Footprint Network, citied in Brown ,2009 ,p115 ) . According to âThe Food We Wasteâ stopping the significant amount of wasted food generated in the UK would save 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being produced (brown,2009, p.117). However there is a winner when it comes to rubbish and waste - recycling companies. Recycling companies take the waste and rubbish generated by a consumer society then recycle it to produce new products , this then gives the waste and rubbish a new positive value to what otherwise is thought as something to be worth less. In conclusion, the rise of a consumer society has produced...