Outline the Current Legislation Covering Home Based Childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies

Outline the Current Legislation Covering Home Based Childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies

Four relevant pieces of legislation to home-based childcare are:
1). The Children’s Act (2004),   “Every Child Matters” paper, which identifies five outcomes for children:
Be healthy. e.g: healthy fresh foods, fresh air, exercise, regular nappy changes

Stay safe; e.g: health and safety to be adhered regarding food preparation, storing of medicines/cleaning equipment, regular risk assessments, following equipment & toy manufacturers guidelines, sanitary environment, appropriate skincare & protection when outside

Enjoy and achieve; e.g: lean through play with songs, puppets, puzzles and games.

Encourage 'free play' where Anjum can use her own imagination to role play and engage with the other children

Make a positive contribution; e.g: encourage Anjum to be aware of the wider community around my setting. Celebrate different cultures, visit charity shops with an old toy, sort out the recycling etc...

Achieve economic well-being; e.g: Initiate opportunities for children to fulfil their potential by observing things they are good at and providing positive and encouraging feedback.

The above outcomes form the backbone of my setting experience, and the examples are a few I would maintain, of which the regulatory body OFSTED will inspect.

2). The Equality Act (2010), which collectively covers that there should be no discrimination between:
Sexual orientation
Individuals who have undergone a sex change

It is important to build a strong partnership between myself and the parents   regardless of any of the factors above, and I would like to establish this through:

Forming a relationship prior to joining the setting with settling-in visits for both the child and his/her Parents.

Open communication with the Parents & exchanging information regularly.

Valuing input and ideas from the...