1.1 Outline the Current Legislation Covering Home Based Childcare, and the Role of Regulatory Bodies

1.1 Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies.

In order to offer protection and support to child-minders, the children in their care and the parents, home based childcare is governed by various legislation and is regulated an appointed regulatory body.

The Children’s Act was 1989 was designed to bring together the law about children from various legislation and make it assessable and less complex. Although the act is comprehensive and encompasses many current laws regarding Children the most relevant to home based childcare are as follows:

Chapter 6 Section D details the definition of a child-minder and sets out the ratios as below.

The standard recommended ratios are:

1:3 children age d under 5

1:6 children aged between 5 and 7

1:6 children aged under 8 of whom no more than 3 are under five.

This section also states that additional ratios will apply where the child-minder works with an assistant. The regulatory body has the power to set the limits.

In regards to premises this section sets out that there should be adequate space for naps, gardens should be safe and free from hazards with special consideration to pets. Where the child-minder does not have a garden there should be adequate provision made to take children to local parks.

The section goes on to talk about the toys and equipment in the child-minders home. Switches, plug and cookers need to be protected so that there is risk of a child getting injured. The garden should have a gate and a door to make sure that there is no children unsupervised without the child-minders knowledge. The Act stresses the importance of clean, safe toys for the mindees to use and the benefit of a toy library to offer variety to the children.

The Act goes on to describe the relationship between parents and child-minder and states that both parties should be aware and comfortable with the arrangement between...