Outline the Argument That Rubbish Is Not Worthless

TMA02 Outline the argument that rubbish is not worthless plan

Paragraph 1 Intro

What is rubbish?
What is value?
What are you doing in this essay?

Paragraph 2

Rubbish and the economy
rubbish and the environment
Recycling rubbish helps economy – give evidence in stats

Paragraph 3

Thompsons theory – transient, rubbish, durable
Give evidence – stevengraphs & house price drop

Paragraph 4

Rising affluence
Industrial society is now consumer society = mass consumption – Bauman 1988
E.g role of technology from rising affluence

Paragraph 5 Conclusion

Summarise each paragraph and use key words in question

Good clear essay plan, perhaps a bit more referencing to the course material would be good but   a clear structure and logic overall although Im not sure why you end with a discussion of consumer society rather than introduce it at the beginning

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Word count:1224

Outline the argument that rubbish is not worthless.

In this essay I will be looking at the argument that rubbish is not worthless but actually benefits the economy. Most people would describe rubbish as something that they do not want or that has no value to them. This means that the rubbish is devalued. Value is a difficult thing to explain as it has a lot of different meanings. The valuation of an object can describe how useful it is to an individual person, for example a mobile phone is seen as very useful to it's owner and therefore very valuable. Value can also describe how much the object is worth in terms of money, if something is expensive in price it is also valuable. Lastly, the term value can also be used to describe the norm of how we believe we should live our lives. In this essay I will use examples and evidence to show how rubbish is really not worthless.

In many ways our rubbish can help to better the current economic...