Dd 101 14b Tma 02

Essay Plan
Introduction - how does rubbish fit into a consumer society
                        -consumer society
Paragraph 1 -rising affluence and the effect on rubbish
                      -Micheal Thompsons " rubbish theory"
                        - what it is
                        - how does it relate to having value
Paragraph 2 -Recycling
                      -recycling products
                      -charity shops
Paragraph 3 - junk art

Outline the argument that rubbish is not worthless
We know live in a consumer society where material goods are no longer about meeting basic needs but to help shape our identities and status.Is rising affluence making rubbish have no value where customers are trapped in a never ending change of technology and feel the need to keep replacing their older equipment which in itself creates more rubbish.Rubbish will always be worthless to the person who has no value for it, and wants to throw it away.The words rubbish and value can have many different meanings rubbish can be described as no value,worthless, but then value is a complex term. Use value is something of use.Intrinsic value is how something is viewed .Economic value is either something with value or something with zero price.Norm value is what is right and wrong.When there is making different terms of value its not always straight forward to say rubbish is worthless.
One factor in the increase of household rubbish was a growth in mass consumption.Shopping and consumption have become significant in social life (staples et al 2009 pg108). Supermarkets now offer a range of products then ever before .More and more homes can afford a range and variety of things at cheaper prices that was classed as luxury items in the past.Along with mass consumption there has been a rising prosperity which makes it possible to afford a standard of living,but what is necessity to one...