Osd-Design Organizational Structure

A new travel agency was established in Sydney named Delight Flight in city of Sydney. The company offers variety of services including trip booking, cheap flight booking, hotel booking and working out a trip plan for the customers. It is not only serve people who live in Sydney,but any customer all over the world. Due to preferable and various customer service , it defeats some rivals.

1: The purpose of our company is to be the largest travel agency in the entire world. We will offer the best service, cheap flight and the most exciting tour for the customers. In addition, we will always let customer find the nearest store in their living area.

With the aim of the purpose, we will implement our rules as the following:
  A: To develop the new travel route.
  B: To ensure the safety of customer
  C: To protect customer's personal detail
  D: To meet the demand of customer with high quality

3: The organizational chart as below. The owner doubles with manager is at the topest level.   The   second level are Information Technology staff , accountant and sales.Information Technology staff with responsibility for maintain the website and protect the information of clients. Accountant in charge of sum up the profit or loss. Sales are responsible for selling tickets and advertising the company such as distribute leaflets.

4:After two years, the owner plan to open another same travel agency in a few miles away Delight Fight. When we established the other one, there are 3 issues we have to consider:
1: where should owner to open the second store?
2: Any resource could be shared?
3: How to coordinate and contact between two location.

The location is important to a travel agency. It should satisfy two factors. The first is on the main road, because large customers flow and easy to find it. The second is not too close to the first store. Because if two locations are too close, it can not attract more customers.

It is certain that Delight Flight 1 (DF1)...