Organisational Design and Structure: a Survey Approach and Analysis’

Organizational Design and Structure:
A Survey Approach and Analysis
Unit: Organizational Design

Spring 2011


The purpose of this project was to evaluate the relationship of theory and practice and how one affects the other one. Moreover, this project aimed to investigate how theory suggestions about organizational design (OD) and organizational performance (OP) where as a real 10 companies have been explored and evaluated in order to confirm what literature suggest in regards to OD and OP and the current behaviors of interviewed companies. A constructed interview has been utilized for this project. In total 10 companies have participated in this real life research. It finds that different companies operating within the same sector utilize different organizational design and lead to different performance. This is because of the ability of each company to effectively their resources and manages them appropriately. Moreover, it finds that sometimes companies are aware of their OD weakness but fail to properly provide alternatives to their problems. In overall, companies appear to be very optimistic about their companies; this is a typical when higher level employees are interviewed. There are several recommendations drained from the literature review, which suggest how to improve some of the organizational practices that could lead to higher OP.    

Table of Contents

Abstract 2
Introduction 4
Literature review 5
Discussion of findings 11
Part I - Organization Design 11
Part II - Organization Performance 15
Conclusion and Recommendation 17
References 19
Appendix A: 23


In total there have been interviewed 10 companies (SME national and international as well as large international companies). 70% of the interviewed companies are SME national, 20% are SME international and 10% large international. Names, sectors, size and life cycle of the interviewed companies are presented...