Organized Crime

Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Brittany M. Jackson
May 23, 2013
Corey Alfred

Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Organized crime is interchangeable in a contemporary society with valuable assets.   Organized crime continues to be a major highlight throughout the years simply because during the earlier days it was glamorized through Hollywood; as well as in a society where people who are involved in organized crimes as an individual who has a key placement and status. Organized offenses are portrayed in films, television, publications, radio, songs, and shown via media in imaginary types designed to amuse, and impress for top quality.   In this paper the perception of organized crime will be discussed. An explanation and description of organized crime will be discussed as well the comparisons and characteristics of criminal behavior.
The FBI describes a felony business like a gang of people with a known structure, or equivalent framework, involved in substantial illegal activity ( describes organized crime as a continuing conspiratorial business involved in unlawful activities as a way of earning income. Organized crime can be described as an offense of elegance.
Organized crime in comparison to the reading is somewhat similar. The sources which have been obtained have informed that organized crime exists and methods have been discovered to provide description to what it requires and the measures that are generally involved. However, there is no generally accepted meaning of organized crime although due to the fast growth and changing of the methods by which how organized crime is viewed ( The issue with the readings compared to my view on organized crime is that they provide description but not reason or reason behind the actual attraction and the lure to the people who are attracted to this kind of way of life. I believe that it's simpler to state that racketeering might be considered as an...