Organizational Planning

University of Phoenix Material

Organizational Planning Worksheet

Complete each section below. Be sure to cite your sources when necessary.

  1. Fortune 500 Company name

AutoZone |

  2. The company’s internal and external stakeholders

Internal stakeholder’s | External stakeholder’s |
Employees | Customers |
Shareholders | Suppliers |
| Local Communities |
| Local Governments |
| |

  3. Company’s mission and vision

      Company’s mission

What it takes to do the job right. |

Company’s vision

Restlessly creating the most exciting Zone for vehicle solutions. |

  4. Company goals

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan

Expand and retail and supply hubs to create jobs and reach global markets. |
Reduce the Company’s impact on the environment. |

At least one company goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan

Open more stores in Mexico or Brazil. |
Reduce greenhouse emissions during distribution operations. |

  5. SWOT analysis

Strengths | Weaknesses |
An extensive product and service portfolioprovides end-to-end solutions and tap highvalue customers. | Increasing debt may limit the businessExpansion plans. |
Strong retail and distribution network provides significant competitive advantage. | Legal proceedings could damage reputation and cost structure |
Robust financial performance supportsfuture expansion plans. | |
Opportunities | Threats |
Positive outlook of US automotiveaftermarket could provide significantopportunity to boost up topline growth. | Intense competition may impact sales andProfits. |
Expansion of retail stores and hub storenetwork could provide more businessopportunities. | Inability to acquire and provide qualitymerchandise could adversely influencesales and results of operations. |
| Decline in product demand could adverselydisturb sales, cash...