Organizational Planning

Organizational Planning Paper


March 10, 2015

Organizational Planning
Organizational Planning is the process of Identifying an organization's immediate and long-term objectives, and formulating and monitoring specific strategies to achieve them. It also entails   staffing and resource allocation, and is one of the most important responsibilities of a management team (
The organization in a company is important because it influences decision-making and help solve problems. In this article a strategic and operational plan based on a SWOT analysis created for The Home Depot Inc. Explain how these projects will help meet the objectives will be established and the effect of planning decisions on groups of internal and external stakeholders.
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan provides a means to deal explictly and systematically with matters of fundamental importance. Strategic plan is “the process of selecting and organization’s   goals, determining the policies and strategic programmes are achieved (Rao, P. Suba, 2010).
We determined two objectives that can be achieved through strategic planning, increase annual revenues, and reduce operational costs.   These goals can be accomplished through chains of command, in which all employees at all levels of the company have to participate and submit a report.   Interest groups may be affected in different ways with these goals, so the process is given.
The CEO and leadership team get better results, and in turn higher incomes and profits for themselves and the company.   Store managers and employees also benefit, have the opportunity to keep their jobs and have better growth opportunities within the enterprise.   Due to the improved financial results of the enterprise may have a positive effect on customers, maintaining reasonable prices. Suppliers will have the opportunity to sell more products to stores. And nearby communities will benefit as more jobs will be generated.