Organizational Behavioral Paper

Organizational Behavior Research Paper
Marilyn Brown-Chiverton
Ottawa University
October 19, 2013

Coventry healthcare is a Bethesda MD based insurance company that was recently acquired by Aetna US Healthcare that is based in Hartford CT. These two insurance companies have several things in common, such as both insurance companies have been known to acquire smaller insurance companies that are in financial trouble, as well as they are both well versed in diversifying organizations. Both companies decided to join forces to help counter act the affordable healthcare act, known as Obamacare. Most health insurance companies were vehemently opposed to the new healthcare law and that is when Aetna and Coventry decided to join forces to provide low cost insurance to uninsured or underinsured patients. This acquisition will help Aetna become the third largest insurance company in the United States. It also would help both companies compete in what would be the largest healthcare exchange in history.
In this research paper we will uncover the organizational behaviors of the employees of the acquired company of Coventry as well as the behaviors of Aetna and how their organizational behavior will blend with Coventry and their way of thinking. According to the text book, organizational behavior “is the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organizations” (McShane | Von Glinow, 2012 p. 4). We will also explore the organizational culture of both Aetna and Coventry as a whole as well as the plan to diversify the company as a whole.
Coventry has a different way of goal setting and feedback then Aetna does. It will be interesting to research how Aetna’s style will fit in with Coventry’s style. There are a lot of employees who have been with Coventry for a long time and change is not something they do well. Feedback is something else that Aetna seems to do well. Every step of the way there has been a healthy dose of communication between the CEO and the...