Organization Change

1.1 Trung Nguyen Corporation
As we know that Trung Nguyen is known as famous Coffee brand in Vietnam likewise in other countries such as USA, China, Japan and EU in recently years. There is no doubt that any people, who like to drink coffee they also heard the name “Trung Nguyen coffee”. It was founded by Dang Le Nguyen Vu. And it was launched in 16th June, 1996 in Buon Me Thuot. Since it started doing business in Coffee industry, it has small scale of business in Dak Lak Province. By other way, it called as Buon Me Thuot highland, where is the big part for growth and produce coffee. With good marketing strategies created by Dang Le Nguyen Vu, it has become one of the best companies in Vietnamese coffee industry. And now Trung Nguyen Coffee product appears in many countries in the world.
1.2 Trung Nguyen Group history’s
1996 – Trung Nguyen Group was founded in Buon Me Thuot highland of Dak Lak province.
1998 – Introduced new inspiration to the market
In Saigon, there were many slogan appeare in all the opulent streets
11/2003 – Introduced G7 instant coffee festival at Reunification Palace which attracted thousands of participants.
2008 – Established office in Singapore in order to expanded markets to this country.
2010 - Exported coffee product to over 60 countries around the globe such as the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Japan, China, ASEAN countries
2012- It has been considered as the largest number of coffee consumer in Vietnam.

Process and development of Trung Nguyen Coffee’s
- It has been established on 16th, July 1996 in Dak Lak province
- There are 1.000 coffee store in Vietnam and 8 stores out of Vietnam as America, Singapore, Thailand, China, Poland and Cambodia. G7 products exported to 43 countries in the worlds and potential markets such as America and China etc..
- In 1998, Trung Nguyen appear in Ho Chi Minh city with slogan “Bring a creative to customer”
- In 2003, G7 product’s was born in Thong...