Affecting Change

Affecting Change
Rajesh Gopinath Kumar
LDR 531
May 31, 2010
Dr. Andres Carrillo


In today’s business environment it is mandatory to have a proper design, structure and culture to survive in this competitive world. The organizations should have capacity and capability in altering and modifying the business environment affected by the external and internal influences. Organizational design, structure, culture and change are all interrelated with each other. Any changes mandated in the organization could have impact to the employees and their performance. It is the effective leadership style that should accommodate the employees attitudes and emotions and transform it to maximize productivity in the better interest of the organization.
Change is inevitable and if organizations that do not respond to it in a timely manner are sure to struggle and would have to eventually succumb to pressure and yield to failure.

Affecting Change
A functional organizational structure is the bedrock of horizontal differentiation. It is the first structure that organizations adapt as they grow. The functional organizational structure normally follows top down and the different department structures roll up to the CEO who is the final authority in the organization. A manager needs to understand the formal and informal groups in the organization to understand the business climate and culture.
Organizational Design
Organizational design is the process of configuring the organization into various sub units to meet the functionalities within the organization and addressing the challenges to the internal and external influences. The span of control is decentralized to the department level manager, who will own the functioning of the department. All employees will be reporting to this manager. The managers in the respective levels will report one level up and in turn rolling up to the top level in most cases who will be a CEO. Some organizational designs would be...