Organization and Behavior

I. Introduction
Leader are people who lead organizations. They establish vision, communicate visios and build culture for the organizatio. Besides, they also energize, motivate and inspire their employees. Moreover, they always share with their employees about knowledge, information, method, the organization’s vision and build relationship with stakholders. On the other hand, managers have power to make decisions and control the organization as their responsibility. In addition, managers allocate employees efficiently and they also plan, organize, control, lead all staff to achieve goals (Kaplan, 2014). Role of leader and managers are important in the company. Especially, when the company come up against difficulties, their role is very important. We can discriminate leader and manager through this table:

(Small business tool kit, 2004)
Nowadays, there are the two most popular leadership styles including: transformational leadership and transactional leadership. Each type of leader has its own advantages. Thus, if we apply types for different situations appropriately, the works always achieve the highest productivity. This report will review concept of these leadership styles and differentiate them. Besides, there are examples of two types of leadership in the Service Company and Technology Company including: Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple and David Martin of Arriva.
  II. Transactiona and Transformationa Leaders.
  * Transactiona leadershp: this style often sets clarify goals and objectives. Besides, they focus on short term goals. They have tendency to use their power in controlling everything. Thus, they always join in process of solving problem. Their belief in their staff is not high and they motivate the employees by rewards and punishments. Moreover, they want to maintain status quo of the company and are hard to accept new things. They protect and maintain existing things in the company. In addition, they concern about...