Organisations in Communication

Specialists and organisation that support people with communication needs.

In this assignment I am going to be describing the specialists and organisations that can help and support people who suffer from communication difficulty's and need help. Communication problems can arise from a physical condition for example hearing difficulties or visual impairment, or come from a condition affecting the brain, like Alzheimer’s disease or a stroke. These communication problems may come on over time, or could happen straight away, making it hard to communicate with a person, or making it hard for them to communicate with you.
If a person’s hearing or sight is impaired, body language and tone of voice will start to become very important. This could also result in them having to learn new skills like sign language or lip reading in order to be able to communicate.
If a condition or impairment starts suddenly, you’ll need to think about changing your methods of communication with that person. You may need to consider your tone of voice, how quickly you speak and how you use body language and gestures to emphasise what you are saying. In order to help somebody who has communication difficulty's or to get help for yourself to communicate better with people who have communication difficulty's and to get a better understanding there are various organisations and support groups set up, listed below are a few.

Speech and Language Therapists
Speech and language therapists are professionally trained people who have impaired communications in either understanding or producing speech and language. Sometimes the therapist might advise using a communication aid. In healthcare a speech or language therapist can help prevent comunicating, hearing and swallowing disorders.
Provide and   accommodate diagnostic and treatment services to individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and change treatment and assessment services accordingly.
Speech therapists work closely with the...