401 Develop and Implement Effective Communication Systems for Health & Safety Information.

UNIT TITLE: Develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information
UNIT NO.: 401
Unit Aims
Candidates must demonstrate that they possess the skills and understanding required for:
• Evaluating health and safety information external to their organisation.
I use several sources of Health and Safety information to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest legislation and recommended best practice.   The main source is Peninsula Business Services Limited they assist us with our duty and provide information and guidance on how these provisions should be managed and recorded.
Other information sources include; HSE website, IOSH website and its official magazine Safety and Health Practitioner, Barbour and Legislation.Gov.uk keeping you up to date with newly enacted legislation for the UK.(#11)
As well as being an excellent source of information I also use this to assist me in developing our policies, procedures, processes and training material.
• Communicating relevant health and safety information through an effective system within the organisation.
In my organisation I created a drive on our system called “Employee Information” this drive is a perfect mechanism for distributing information to everyone in the organisation, it’s one location where all relevant information can be found.   The “Employee Information” drive contains all of the Health & Safety Policies, Procedures, Manuals and Risk assessments.   I have also written an induction presentation for all new employees to view and this has hyperlinks and shortcuts to all H&S documentation (#61).
Other forms of internal communication in the workplace include management meetings (#41 & #42), safety committee meetings, notice boards (#59) and simple e-mail communications.
• Making sure that relevant health and safety information from the organisation is communicated to statutory and local authorities, relevant groups and individuals.
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