Order Restored and Repaired

What Similarities and differences can you see compared to City Road?
Describe some of the ways in which order is made and repaired on a street which you know.

Where can be order seen being made, repaired and social lives connected in the street described?
In this essay You will find my understanding on the materials provided through examples of what happens in my street in the day and night.
The street described is Steinenring in Basel. This 500m road is used to connect the Swiss and other cultures to the city centre and to other street which will lead to Germany and France.

Based on the modules I have studied and accordingly to what is presented in the DVD, people's lives are connected and disconnected(Connected Lives, 2009, scene 1), an example of that are the two restaurants the Olive and the La Vela in my street which are closely situated, but at the same time they have a different kind of purpose. The first is a fine dining and the second an affordable place. As similarly seen in City Road, The Hawaiian and The Mezza Luna restaurants( Connected Lives, 2009,   scene 5), are both in the same area but one has an Hawaiian theme and the other an Arabic theme. Two equal businesses in my street on the food and beverage field, present inequalities and differences as one is posh, directed to the high society and the other directed to the medium society regardless of having the same Mediterranean theme and similar menu. In City Road, both restaurants are frequented by different kind of people who live in the same area, even though they have different themes. It can be seen then that even people living in the same area can be affected by different kinds of environment which then changes their own identities.

Regarding order being made, it can be seen in my street during the night times a controller with a flash light, similarly to June the lollipop lady who controls the crossroads during busy times during the day(Ordered lives, 2009, scene 1). The controller...