Dd01 How Is Society Made and Repaired

How is society made and repaired?
How are inequalities and differences provided?
How do we know (as social scientists)?

Material lives – the role objects play in social lives (personal ie treasured   items, or impersonal i.e car used for getting to work)
Connected lives – how people have multiple identities change according to place (work, home, friends, surroundings). How are they shaped by connections?
Ordered lives – how are their lives ordered in visible (signage)/invisible ways(teachings from child hood – the right way to behave)
4 ways to look at streets
  * Activities going on due to surroundings (what people say and do) describe what we see – why is it the way it is (society) and why not another way?
  * Architecture (how are streets organised and in what way does this impact)
  * What the street is connected to “behind the scenes”   (outside environment, sewers, electricity etc)
  * How does the street look in the evening compared to the day time (night life, take aways, drinking, activities, social interaction)
City road was full of tradesmen in the 20th century
1960 – Mainly car showrooms, independent businesses
Now – restaurants/takeaways aimed at students and ethnic minority
(The changing of business is called reshaping of society, this can cause inequality due to old businesses being pushed out – ie Tesco’s)

How do people live together on the street?
How is it kept alive – electricity, water etc
Making and repairing tensions in society.. How can we solve and help people live together better?
Food = identity

Material lives
Objects shape our behaviour/impact our lives
  * Street furniture (bins – colour, railings) why that colour or spacing etc
  * Signs, road markings = communication systems (also order lives)
  * Empty shops and properties
  * Area looked after?
  * How objects around us shape our lives or social standing (eg nice car)
  * What social patterns are there
  * What meanings do objects have...