Optimism and Hope

The   Importance   of   having   optimism   and   hope   in   one’s   life,   Is   quite   simple,   By having   a   positive   outlook   on   life,   and   how   things   will   happen,   can   and   does   strengthen   someone’s   willingness   to   attempt   new things,   have   greater   odds   at   succeeding   at   things   they try,   and   feel   better   about   themselves   and   life   itself.   Optimists   have fewer   health   issues   then   people   who   have   negative   outlooks.   (Bolt,   2004).   Pessimists   seem   particularly   more   vulnerable   than   optimists   to   accidental   or   violent   deaths,   and   male   pessimists,   especially   seem   to   have   a   habit   of   being   in   the   wrong   place   at   the   wrong   time.   (Bolt,   2004,   p162)

Author,   Edger   Allen   Poe,   wrote   many   Poems,   and   stories,   all   included   a   character   with   a   pessimistic   attitude,   and   the   settings   where   his   writings   take   place,   all   reflecting   his   moods.   In   “The   Raven”   the   depressed   nameless   man   feeling   despair,   and   gloominess,   “sorrow   for   the   lost   Lenore”   (Poe,   1845)   The   use   of   a   Raven   ( a large   black   bird   with   a   straight   sharp   beak)   in   the   Poem   expresses,   the   gloom,   and   despondency   that   Poe   was   experiencing,   “Open   here   I flung   the   shutter,   when,   with   many   a   flirt   and   flutter,   In   stepped   a   stately   Raven   on   the   saintly   days   of   yore” (Poe,   1845)   lastly,   the   use   of   assonance,   and   repetition,   throughout   the   poem   illustrates   the   gloom   and   despair,   “Quoth   the   Raven,   “nevermore”   (Poe,   1845)

Transforming   someone   who   has   pessimistic   tendencies, and   beliefs   into   someone who   is   an   optimistic,   is   not   as   easy   as   it   may   sound,   that   individual   has   to   want   to   change,   or   else   it   will be   a pointless   venture.   Having   a positive   outlook on things,   seeing   yourself   succeed   in   things   you   attempt   (Bolt, 2004), stop   thinking   about   what   is   happening   to   you,   and   what   you can   make   happen....